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Guidance in Hygiene Passport Training Online



Hygiene Passport Training in Small Groups


Hygiene Passport Training can also be provided e.g. in 3 hours session in the chosen place by the teacher. The session is preceded by the self-training on the website. The fee is based upon the number of students enrolled in the session. Hygiene testing will be arranged and billed separately.

Please contact me. Let’s construct a unit that will best serve you!
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Hygiene Passport with a Qualification Certificate

Vocational Qualification Certificate acquired after 1.1.1995, including studies in how to work safely in the food business. You are entitled to a Hygiene Passport, i.e. Evira`s Hygiene card, without taking a test.

Please note, you will need the following:

1. Make sure your graduation/degree qualifications can be found in the list of accepted qualifications. Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, act 1115/2001 attachment 2. 

2. Take a photocopy of your graduation certificate, also the list of courses which verifies you have qualified for the degree.

Two persons have to notarize the copied document(s).

3. Underline your first name in the copy (the name you want to have on the certificate) and
if your name has changed, attach a copy of the document that verifies it ( e.g. marriage certificate).

4. Send the copy of the degree qualification and certificate of changing your name as well as contact information: name, address, phone number and/or email address to

Terttu Sukuvaara
Eteläpuisto 12 A 6
28100 Pori 

Hygiene Examiner

1. Verifies your qualification and its adequacy (and will contact you if there is some ambiguity).

2. Orders your certificate from Evira and will send you a bill of 30€ (including VAT 24%).

3. Once the fee has been paid you will get the Certificate and Food Hygiene Card from Evira. This usually takes 2 – 3 weeks.

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